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Mini Motherhood

Just for you and the babies to join this magical time. This is time for you to feel free, alive, in your body, feminine, gentle, magical.

This time appears to be a cherished opportunity for self-expression and bonding. It's essential to embrace these moments and create lasting memories to hold onto as time passes. Whether it's through photography, journaling, or simply being present in the moment, capturing these beautiful experiences can help you relive and share the magic you're experiencing.

This photoshoot will be held in my home studio - Bruce

 $250 included 8 edited images - up to 20 mins session


A session fee of $50 is due at time of booking and the session fee has included in the above prices.

The session fee includes style, prepare and photograph your session and it is non - refundable.


                                                   Payment plans are available for all sessions.

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