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Online Workshop..

Are you ready ? ... 

Feeling a little lost on your photography journey? Need a new biz buddy to bounce ideas off? Want answers to those questions you’ve been struggling to get clarity on?

I’ve been there many times before! That’s why I started offering mentoring – because I know just how valuable it is to have someone you can learn from who has walked the path before you. I totally understand what you’re going through and can help you unpack all those ideas and struggles so you can start kicking new business goals.

My mentoring sessions are an opportunity for you to learn about photography and business in a way that works best for you and your fam. I’m here to guide you through and give you that boost and the tools you need to take control of your photography journey and craft a business that you love.

I picked up a camera over ten years ago. In that time I’ve captured hundreds of incredible souls and created a profitable and sustainable business in the midst of raising four little ones. I’ve learnt a ton along the way, made plenty of mistakes and refined my processes over and over again. I can’t wait to work with you!

Sharing my knowledge and nurturing others in their craft is a massive privilege and something I love doing! I’m all about community over competition because I wholeheartedly believe that helping other women build their own thriving businesses raises the bar for our industry as a whole. I can’t wait to walk alongside you!

Online Workshops timetable 2024 ...

- Studio newborn                                                  (24/04/2024 Wednesday) 

- In home lifestyle family and outdoor family             (24/03/2024 Sunday)

- Studio maternity and outdoor studio                      (27/03/2024 Wednesday) 

Topics we can dive into together ~

Building a photography business involves a whole lot more than being great behind a camera! In my mentoring sessions I love to dive deep into the business side of things to help you create a solid and profitable foundation that supports the craft you love.

My mentoring sessions are perfect for beginners or those well into their journey who want to dig deeper and work on elevating specific aspects of their business. Wherever you are on your journey, I will craft a session that is tailored to meet your current goals.

  • Creating amazing business systems, client management processes & workflows

  • Creating an incredible client experience

  • Shooting and editing

  • Social media tips and tools

  • Marketing your business

  • A portfolio review of your Instagram and website

  • Camera settings and gear

  • How to run a photo session ~ photo session workflows

  • Posing and working with children

  • Pricing for profit & sustainability

  • Printing and products

  • Accounting, backing up, contracts and insurance

  • Your brand voice ~ standing out amongst the masses

  • Understanding light and how and when to shoot indoors and outside

  • Location scouting ~ how to choose and find locations

  • Video basics and adding it to your photo session offerings

  • Anything else you would love to unpack!

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